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Clients of Xjoyclean in Various Instituitons and Industry


Medical Instituition

Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 301

Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 305

Air Force General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army

Navy General Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army

Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 263

Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 306

Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese people's Liberation Army

Union Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Beijing Tongren Hospital

Chitong Hospital Affiliated to Capital Research Institute

Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine

Beijing Second Hospital

Beijing Red Cross emergency hospital

Zhejiang Taizhou Boai hospital

Jiangsu tangzhou people's Hospital

Peking University Hospital

Xiangya First Hospital of Central South University


Babegar International Center for child development

Aile International Early Education Center

Oriental baby care early education center

Xinhao children's playground

21st Century Experimental Kindergarten

New Oriental Star Kindergarten

Hongen International Kindergarten

New Century Kindergarten

The sunshine starts the kindergarten

International Peiyou kindergarten

Dacheng classic kindergarten

Love children kindergarten

New kindergarten

Zhuoyutong bilingual art kindergarten

Chaoyang kindergarten of Renmin University

Fangru bilingual art kindergarten

Huicong bilingual kindergarten

Meige bilingual kindergarten

Jinbeilei Art Kindergarten

Qidian kindergarten

Qihang kindergarten

Keji kindergarten

Tongle future Art Park

Gifted wisdom bilingual kindergarten

Fu Rui Star Kindergarten

Gaozhan International Kindergarten

Bohai Peijie bilingual art kindergarten

Talented people rob children's garden

Lantian Yufeng kindergarten

Yiying angel early education center

Changping Ba School Kindergarten

Helen education of Zhejiang University

Beijing Film Academy

Capital medical university

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Beijing Institute of fashion

Beijing Institute of information technology

Gymboree Education

Maple Leaf children's home

Baby growth center

American Jim International Center for children's education


Inner Mongolia Branch of the people's Bank of China

Caie sub branch of Bank of China

Bank of China Jiangsu Branch

Agricultural Bank of China Hunan Branch

Inner Mongolia Branch of Agricultural Bank of China

Business Department of Hunan Branch of ICBC

China Construction Bank Hunan Branch

Changsha Xingsha Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank

Huarong Xiangjiang bank

China Huarong Asset Management Hunan Branch

PICC Hunan Branch

People's Insurance Company of China

Office of national Ministry of Finance in Hunan salt inspection Commissioner


Sinopec Beijing Branch

Beijing Yuefu auto beauty

Baojielong International Group

Hainan Golden Sunshine Holiday Hotel

Cilia Group Office

Chengdu Shuangliu Airport
























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