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Xjoyclean is a disinfectant brand manufactured by Shijiele Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

With science and ecology as the core values of the enterprise and the mission of promoting high-tech environmentally friendly applications, Shijiele Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is engaged in large-scale R & D, production, application and sales of new biotechnology products. Shijiele has also set up a nationwide marketing center in Beijing and established an office in Hong Kong. With the investment and establishment of Jiangsu huixingkang Technology Co., Ltd in Jiangsu Province,China, the company can focus on its production, operational office and R & D base all within the Jiangsu factory.   

The company's existing core product, Xjoyclean ® long-term antibacterial disinfectant series is an innovative breakthrough product range, developed for the international global market. Xjoyclean long lasting disinfection technology has also obtained the China national invention patent (Patent No.: ZL 2013 10477431.2) since 2017. Xjoyclean products is being used in a range of industries ranging from civil aviation, medical care and institution, childcare, sports and fitness, automobile, banking, and consumer daily use market.

Xjoyclean proprietary formula is able kill bacteria and viruses upon contact on it yet being safe and non irritating to the human skin.  Its antibacterial ability can also last up to 44 days under laboratory conditions.  Xjoyclean is currently been widely used in medical institutions and consumer market. It is rated as one of the Top Ten Healthy Brands in China's infant industry and has been endorsed by China National Team's athletes' as its personal disinfection products range . In 2017, it was recognized as a top“ New Innovative Technology Product Award “  in Beijing, and obtained the letter of approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China for its products to be use in china civil aviation.  

Due to Shijiele`s efforts in research and development, production of breakthrough innovation of high-tech disinfection technology, the company was appointed as the executive committee member by China Health Supervision Association. Shijiele closely with many domestic scientific research institutions and well-known hospitals to develop and promote health, environmental protection and energy saving product, so that people enjoy a healthy and clean environment


Adhering to the concept of "science and environmental protection", with the mission of achieving "Natural & Green Future" and the goal of making people enjoy a clean life, Shijiele Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. hopes to create a bright future with the whole nation in the process of building a “Beautiful China".


Shijiele and Xjoyclean Company History



SHIJIELE Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established; by providing disinfection solutions for China Olympic Stadium The Bird's Nest and National Aquatics Center, The Water Cube.


The Brand of Xjoyclean was established
SHIJIELE Technology was elected as the executive committee for the First Council of China Health Supervision Association
Xjoyclean launched  a range for medical care and institution use.
Xjoyclean launched a range of products for child care and children use.
Xjoyclean long-lasting antibacterial disinfection solutions has been certified as Non-Toxic by Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
Xjoyclean long-lasting antibacterial disinfection solutions has become the only solution in China that approved by the National health and Family Planning Commission.
Xjoyclean long-lasting antibacterial disinfection solutions had obtained clinical trial report by the Hospital of the people's Liberation Army Zone 305, Air Force General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army and the Children's Hospital Affiliated to the Capital Institute of Pediatrics



Obtained Clinical trial report of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Obtained Beijing University Hospital uses Level Phase Report
SHIJIELE Technology launched a series of sports and automotive solutions
National Sports Training Board authorized SHIJIELE Technology as " sponsor ", and long-lasting antibacterial disinfection solutions is the " National Team Athletes Essential ".
SHIJIELE Technology was elected as the executive committee of China Infant and Toddler Industry Excellent Enterprise Credit Union Council, " Xjoyclean “ ws awarded the innovation of China infant industry, and as the Top ten health brands of China in infant healthcare.



SHIJIELE Technology develop antibacterial products for the national team athletes training activities.
SHIJIELE Technology Branding team was established, and Xjoyclean long-lasting antibacterial disinfection  new official website launched;
" Xjoyclean The Cleanliness of Life" official WeChat account opened, to publicize new concept of healthy and cleanliness of life through new social media
GB2639 <Hygienic Requirements for Quaternary ammonium disinfectants> revised meeting was held in Yangzhong;
On September 28, 2015, Jiangsu huixingkang obtained disinfection products manufacturing license;



SHIJIELE Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. donated to China children's Fund;
Xjoyclean 放心more daily product series officially launched;
Xjoyclean long-lasting antibacterial disinfection solutions have successfully entered the catalogue of American Embassy in China and have been successfully used;
SHIJIELE Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has also been established as a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun; Bejing Tech Startup area.
The first batch Xjoyclean long-lasting antibacterial disinfection solutions wipes entered Sierra Leone along with China's medical team to fight against Ebola in Africa
SHIJIELE Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. become part of the member council to draft two national standards Disinfection Product Hygiene Safety Evaluation  and  Hygiene Wipes Requirement



The invention patent certificate (Patent No.: ZL 2013 10477431.2) has been obtained for curable compound quaternary ammonium salt, preparation method and application of disinfection, antibacterial and sterilization;
The project between SHIJIELE Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.  and Cadre Management College of the Ministry of Civil Affairs - Long-lasting Quaternary Ammonium Salt disinfection effect on prosthetic receptive cavity was successfully concluded with great improvement in the disinfection efficacy .  Xjoyclean long-lasting antibacterial disinfection solutions entered the rehabilitation and nursing industry with solid foundation and confidence.
Xjoyclean Prosthetic Solutions went into production;
Was being recognized as a new innovative technology solution in Beijing City;
Xjoyclean long-lasting antibacterial disinfection solutions has obtained the license of "Civil Aviation Chemical Product Design  and Production Approval Letter" as issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Clients of Xjoyclean in Various Instituitons and Industry
Medical Instuition


  • Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 301
  • Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 305
  • Air Force General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army
  • Navy General Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army
  • Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 263
  • Hospital of the people's Liberation Army of China Zone 306
  • Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese people's Liberation Army
  • Union Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Beijing Tongren Hospital
  • Chitong Hospital Affiliated to Capital Research Institute
  • Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Beijing Second Hospital
  • Beijing Red Cross emergency hospital
  • Zhejiang Taizhou Boai hospital
  • Jiangsu tangzhou people's Hospital
  • Peking University Hospital
  • Xiangya First Hospital of Central South University


  • Babegar International Center for child development
  • Aile International Early Education Center
  • Oriental baby care early education center
  • Xinhao children's playground
  • 21st Century Experimental Kindergarten
  • New Oriental Star Kindergarten
  • Hongen International Kindergarten
  • New Century Kindergarten
  • The sunshine starts the kindergarten
  • International Peiyou kindergarten
  • Dacheng classic kindergarten
  • Love children kindergarten
  • New kindergarten
  • Zhuoyutong bilingual art kindergarten
  • Chaoyang kindergarten of Renmin University
  • Fangru bilingual art kindergarten
  • Huicong bilingual kindergarten
  • Meige bilingual kindergarten
  • Jinbeilei Art Kindergarten
  • Qidian kindergarten
  • Qihang kindergarten
  • Keji kindergarten
  • Tongle future Art Park
  • Gifted wisdom bilingual kindergarten
  • Fu Rui Star Kindergarten
  • Gaozhan International Kindergarten
  • Bohai Peijie bilingual art kindergarten
  • Talented people rob children's garden
  • Lantian Yufeng kindergarten
  • Yiying angel early education center
  • Changping Ba School Kindergarten
  • Helen education of Zhejiang University
  • Beijing Film Academy
  • Capital medical university
  • Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Beijing Institute of fashion
  • Beijing Institute of information technology
  • Gymboree Education
  • Maple Leaf children's home
  • Baby growth center
  • American Jim International Center for children's education

Financial Industries

  • Inner Mongolia Branch of the people's Bank of China
  • Caie sub branch of Bank of China
  • Bank of China Jiangsu Branch
  • Agricultural Bank of China Hunan Branch
  • Inner Mongolia Branch of Agricultural Bank of China
  • Business Department of Hunan Branch of ICBC
  • China Construction Bank Hunan Branch
  • Changsha Xingsha Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
  • Huarong Xiangjiang bank
  • China Huarong Asset Management Hunan Branch
  • PICC Hunan Branch
  • People's Insurance Company of China
  • Office of national Ministry of Finance in Hunan salt inspection Commissioner


  • Sinopec Beijing Branch
  • Beijing Yuefu auto beauty
  • Baojielong International Group
  • Hainan Golden Sunshine Holiday Hotel
  • Cilia Group Office
  • Chengdu Shuangliu Airport
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