Cofoe PVC Disposable Gloves

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The medical gloves are made of PVC powder, PU and other auxiliary materials, mixed in a certain proportion, made of porcelain hand dipping and baking, non-toxic, no microbial pollution, no impurities, no leakage, effective isolation of pollution, prevention of cross-infection, can be safely used

  • Isolated pollution
  • Anti-acid and alkali  Not hurt the hand
  • PVC gloves can be well protected against acidic or alkaline liquids and protect your hands from erosion when exposed to chemical agents such as acid and alkaline cleaners
  • PVC High Elastic Tensile Resistance
  • Press can't break
  • Acupuncture can't be pierced
  • Easy grip on the rough surface of your fingertips
  • Antiskid rough surface increases surface friction, has good grip force, can easily and flexibly pick up fine objects, greasy objects, not easy to slide, very convenient to use
  • Increase friction, Improve skid resistance,More flexible operation
  • Close to the skin ,flexible operation
  • Light and thin material, soft skin, whether used for beauty, hairdressing, washing dishes, doing housework, doing food, doing experiments and so on, can be as if nothing, easy to operate. You can easily unlock fingerprints without removing gloves and use touch-screen phones freely
  • Drawing packaging is convenient, easy to save heart , humanized drawing design, and it is more convenient to extract and use
  • Anti-oil
  • Acid-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • No dust
  • No stimulation
  • No allergy
  • Seal material  No leakage



Measurement method: Straighten the palm, measure the connection between the thumb and the index finger to the edge of the palm, and get the palm width, corresponding to the selected size

  • Hand width<8-9cm - Please select M size
  • Hand width<9-10cm - Please select L size

Note: the actual width must be determined according to the ruler scale, and the thumb width is not counted when measuring


  • Please trim your nails before wearing so that the gloves fit your fingers
  • Blow up gloves before wearing to make sure the gloves are not damaged
  • When wearing, please wear the finger part first, then the palm part
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